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  • EasyMonitoring of local and remote devices
  • $2.49 $1.74
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  • Monitor the battery level, disk space, temperature of all devices from one place
  • 4.2

This app it stands out for its simplicity and its privacy policy.

Internet-less: Easily monitor all the devices in your network that use EasyMonitoring. Without pairing and Internet connection. Without ads and tracking.

Remote monitoring: Monitor the battery level, disk space and temperature of all your devices from a single place.

Alerts: Receive alerts when a monitored value drops or exceeds a specified limit.

Charts: View interactive charts of all monitored values.

Network: Real-time network statistics of your device.

Always on screen: You can keep the temperature and network statistics always visible on the screen.

Themes: Choose from 19 colored and 5 black themes to find the one you like best.

Pay once: Buy the app once and share it with all your family's devices.

Privacy policy: We don't collect any data from you when you use this application.

Learn more at easyjoin.net/monitoring.

keywords: monitoring devices, battery monitor, temperature monitor, storage monitor, network speed, wifi stats, mobile network

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